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Deco Dance



A solid steel base with a welded coiled spring create a clock that has been tested to withstand hurricane level windstorms. While the curly maple clockface glows, its copper backdrop disc and steel hoop seem to ask the viewer to tilt and play.


Almost 20 inches tall, a twelve inch steel hoop frames a very curly maple clockface. 

The base is trimmed with custom cut parquet squares and a wide V shouts deco. Buy this clock and you can imagine dancing on the parquet floors to the sound of Benny Goodman's favorite instrument, the clarinet; of which a small piece bridges the clockface and base. Can you spot it?

 Caught on a roll, the second hand feather twitches every second in front of a very spalted maple clockface. The base is figured red maple from a tree felled in Muskegon, Michigan.

Sitting solid, the bone Buddha image evokes a sense of repose and calmness. The spalted maple throne and copper backdrop rest atop a thick wide path of industrial belting from days gone by. Helping hold the clockface head is sculpted hardwood covered in lizard leather.

Time on a Roll
Big Buddha


Crafted with local resources in Lowell, Michigan,  pop. 4015

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