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Helping young people create a significant physical product can be a powerful thing. Collaboration sparks an individual and group's pride and sense of ownership. When well organized, collaboration combines the energy of many to create a product much larger than individual efforts.


Many students attending traditional schools benefit greatly from collaborative projects. Instead of learning by textbook and lecture while sitting, a deeper experience is gained with group efforts dedicated to creating a common product attached to an educational benchmark.


The best collaborations all start with the same dynamic: a deep vision that matters.


Contact me if you are interested in teaming up on a project.


Several of the latest collaborations I designed and initiated are shown below.


City of Lowell and Lowell High School team up to save the memory of historical tree and create furniture for the city library.

Middle School students in Grand Rapids help create a concrete and fieldstone memorial bench

Handmade canoe paddles posing in the hands of their proud makers

Wool hand felted native birds by Grand Rapids middle school students


Students utilize a rock amphitheater

they helped create

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