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First a Little Thanks

A shoutout to my bro Craig Vander Lende who not only supplied the finer photographs on this site but also helped kick start it, one year ago today. Craig also made the offer to create a video of my work that could be used on the site. This included interviewing me. By saying yes I never dreamed of the difficulty he would have capturing a clear interviewing take of me. Craig was a trooper, his continual persistence created a new nickname, Mr. Tenacious. Despite the waves of frustration and patience that ebbed and flowed through so many takes; its a surprise we are still friends.

Yepper, Craig is two years my senior and has to be credited with being the role model in my life for making stuff. Craig was a bit more advanced than me in those early years. While I was busy weaving yarned potholders, Craig was focusing on fashioning his own solid wood long bow. By age 14 he was in the decoupage plaque business, but that's another story.

He also deserves a YO! for his ultimate patience in tolerating my olympian measure of procrastination in not finishing off what he started on this site. Thanks Bro! I'm getting there.....

One last note, Craig turned into quite a master career photographer. Made his name in the commercial business, but has a great eye for any genre. Check his work out at

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